This is our story.

 YayLo: Your Happy Place for Gluten-Free Coffee & Treats

We believe in happiness . . . that state of humanity that helps us all get along in  harmony.  So we have created YayLo to be your happy place.  The name originates from two ideas; a joyful expression of happiness (Yay) and a friendly greeting (Lo, from Hello).

Craving delicious gluten-free coffee and treats? Look no further than YayLo, Reading's only dedicated gluten-free independent coffee shop! We offer a warm and welcoming atmosphere to relax, chat, and savor guilt-free treats.

Why Choose YayLo?

  • 100% Gluten-Free: Enjoy coffee, cakes, and more without worry.
  • Friendly Staff & Cozy Vibes: Relax and unwind in our happy place.
  • Locally Owned: Support a passionate husband-and-wife team.

Visit YayLo today and experience the difference!

YayLo, Reading's only 100% gluten-free coffee shop, delivers!

Order online for pick-up and enjoy our cakes, pastries, and sandwiches at home. We also cater to functions and special occasions.

Surprise your guests with custom gluten-free cakes and party platters. Let YayLo make any event a delightful celebration! 

Come and visit us today!