Sweet & Savoury at YayLo

Craving Fresh-Baked Treats? We've Got You Covered... Daily!

At YayLo, we're obsessed with using seasonal ingredients to craft a daily menu bursting with fresh-baked delights.

Here's the delicious secret: Our offerings change daily to keep things exciting, so you'll always discover something new.

Want to know if your favourite is on the menu today? Reach out to us on social media on our website or give us a call!.

Below is just a small selection of our offerings.

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Fresh Croissants sprinkled with sugar

Pastry Items

Bakewell Tarts (egg)

Frangipane slice (many flavours; nuts milk, eggs)


Dark Chocolate Brownie decorated with white chocolate icing


Classic chocolate Ganache cake (milk, egg)

Millionaire shortbread (milk, soya)

Muffins - banana and Nutella (milk, egg, soya, nuts)

Rocky road (vegan, gluten-free oats) -

Vegan chocolate cake (soya)

Vegan chocolate cupcakes (soya)

Chocolate brownie (milk, egg, soya)

Classic Favourites

Carrot cake (milk, eggs) -

Coffee and walnut cake (milk, eggs, nuts)

Muffins - cinnamon and apple (eggs, nuts)

Muffins - orange and chocolate (DF, eggs, nuts, soya)

Scone - clotted cream and jam (milk, eggs)

YayLo Originals

Quiche (Vegan & Plantbased)

Date, beetroot and chocolate (DF, egg, soya)

Granola Bars (vegan, nuts, sesame, sulphates) and almond cake (DF, egg, nuts)

Vegan chocolate crunch (vegan, soya, nuts)

Vegan donuts, apple and cinnamon (no allergens)

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